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Buying xlm on stellar X?

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Best way to set up gpu mining rig?

Before you yell at me for how bad gpu mining is, its the only thing within my budget right now. But Im not sure what equipment to use, or how to set it up. I know I need to set up my mother board and power supply below the GPU rack up top, but how… Read More »

Japanese Crypto Consortium Tightens Rules Following Zaif, CoinCheck Hacks

Local Crypto Hacks Spark Action Over the relatively short course of the history of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, Japan-based crypto exchanges have been rather susceptible to hacks in comparison to their European and American counterparts. Seeing this, leading startups within the Asian country have sought to mitigate the risk of hacks, cases of money laundering,… Read More »

Can not indentify accounts

I am trying to get balance of accounts and when running bitcoin-cli listaccounts I am getting the data look like this { “”:0.81234545 } I wanted to know what is the “” and 0.81234545 and where my real addresses. Thanks!

Blockchain Technology To Drive Wyoming State Banks?

Wyoming State legislator Tyler Lindholm R-Sundance, also a co-chair of the government’s blockchain committee, sees big business opportunities arriving for banks in Wyoming if and when they transit into “special depository institutions” and adoption of blockchian. Lately, this Midwestern state in the United States has been framing legislation which will legalize currency transactions and the… Read More »