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88% Of Crypto Exchanges Want Industry Regulation, New Study Reveals

Lithuania-based crypto payment company Mistertango has released a study which reveals that 88% of cryptocurrency exchanges want industry regulation. The study was based on responses from 24 crypto exchanges across the world with a total daily trading volume of over $100 million. The responses show an industry that wants to be part of the formal system,… Read More »

Timicoin Itching to Show off Its Decentralized Healthcare Record Ledger at the ‘Block Show’

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. DALLAS, TX, July 27, 2018 — Timicoin, world’s first cryptocurrency mobile platform to use blockchain technology for storing and accessing medical records, will have its healthcare expert team at the… Read More »

Forrester Research: 90% of Blockchain Initiatives by US Firms Will Never Become Operational

According to the U.S. market research firm Forrester Research, 2018 will become “the year of reckoning for blockchain initiatives.” About 90 percent of currently active U.S. companies’ blockchain initiatives will ultimately be abandoned. This statistic comes from a study by Forrester Research, cited by Bloomberg in an article July 31. The U.S. market research firm… Read More »

CryptoCompare Partners with Thomson Reuters to Provide Data on Crypto Markets

A respected cryptocurrency market data website has partnered with Thomson Reuters. Going forward, CryptoCompare will provide data for the media and information firm’s market analysis platform Eikon. Partnership Brings More Functionality to Eikon Market Data Platform The partnership between CryptoCompare and Thomson Reuters will see the former providing market data for 50 of the top… Read More »

SIM-Swapping Bitcoin Thief Charged in California Court

Investigators have arrested and charged a 20-year-old college student with multiple counts of hacking and identity theft. Prosecutors accuse him of being part of a gang which stole $5 million of cryptocurrency by hijacking mobile phone numbers.  Caught by the Fuzz Following his arrest at LAX airport while on his way to Europe, Joel Ortiz was apparently quick to… Read More »

Binance Buys Trust Wallet, Aims To Expand Operations

Despite posting losses of a couple of percent, development in the cryptocurrency industry has trudged forward, with Binance just announcing that they had acquired Trust Wallet in a recent deal. #Binance Acquires Trust Wallet – A Popular Mobile Crypto Wallet — Binance (@binance) July 31, 2018 Binance, the world’s largest crypto platform, has just… Read More »

Op Ed: Is Green Crypto (Necessarily) an Oxymoron?

Cryptocurrencies are not exactly bathed in the light of righteousness right now when it comes to the environment. Despite not having a physical form, they are ultimately responsible for a substantial amount of environmental impact. This has stemmed from news stories detailing how, in Iceland, more electricity is being used to mine Bitcoin than is… Read More »